Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Inspiration...where are you?

I blame the holidays.

I have had absolutely no inspiration to write. It was perhaps the drone of Christmas carols piped through my work speakers or the crazed look on people's faces as they demanded some product I have never heard of, but I just could not write a thing.

I *have* been reading though. Dystopian December is going great. I just started Across the Universe by Beth Revis.I hesitate to call this a dystopia. It's labeled dystopia, especially all over at Goodreads, but I would personally say this is sci-fi with elements of dystopia. But isn't lots of sci-fi have elements of secrets of the ship and leader lies and secrets? Isn't there always some element of mystery? So, then I ask this: are we improperly labeling books because of the trend or is it a result of cross genres? (Btw, I hate labels!! Ha)

This morning when I was laying under my new faux fur blanket I received for Christmas, one of my characters started chattering away to me. I slowed down my thoughts and really listened to him so I can record it all down later. He would not shut up. Usually this characters doesn't do much talking. It was a sign. I must write on!

What I'm listening to:
Amy Lee is the best. I can surely find inspiration in this song.

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