Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jane Austen Owns My Soul Pt. I

In Which Jane Austen Owns My Soul

I cannot write my WIP. I cannot blog. I cannot read contemporary young adult novels. I cannot watch documentaries on Netflix. Why, you ask? Because Jane Austen has taken over my life. I must eat, breath, and think all things 19th century. I must concern myself with manners and calling on society for merriment. I fancy to wear muslin and go for walks about the countryside.

How did I get myself into such a bind? Well, I am in my final semester at college. Before all English majors are to graduate we must take what is called a "Senior Seminar". Each semester the seminar is rotated among professors. This time around, the professor decided to do all Jane Austen. Every single novel published. In 16 weeks. Mmmhmm. This is not a complaint, of sorts, rather a testament. I honestly did not think the course work would be so rigorous.

But there it is. My head is filled with dreams of marrying for equal parts love and money. To charm all with my wit and discourse. So, I will be reviewing each book I read of Austen's in the next weeks. Here we go!

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